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Publisher Focus Consulting Group

Case Studies

Case Study #1

Optimization: An established affiliate marketing publisher was focused on encouraging new visitors to sign up for their service. They had created what they thought was a compelling landing page, but the conversion rate was lower than they thought it should be. They tried some A/B testing, but the process was slow and the results were not impressive. We implemented an automated optimization campaign and instantly improved their conversion rates by 20%. By continuing to test and add new elements we were able to continue to improve conversions. The campaign was extremely cost effect and it continues to be ROI positive today.

Case Study #2

Full Service Provider: An individual was recently laid off from his job and prospects of getting hired in his field looked dim. He had heard about affiliate marketing but had no web design or development skills. Publisher Focus Consulting Group was able to work with him to design a website and get it developed. Then we did the four things that we do best: helped him get people to his site, showed him how to get those visitors to buy the products that he was featuring, made sure that he was earning top dollar from those sales, and enabled him to create loyalty so that his buyers came back and told their friends about his site. He now says that the day he was laid off was the best day of his life.

Case Study #3

Paid Placement System: An established affiliate marketing publisher wanted to increase revenues by developing a system to sell paid placements to advertisers. However, the publisher did not have the knowledge base or resources to create and establish such a system. Publisher Focus Consulting Group developed the technology and provided the tools to manage the system. We also provided the training to the people that operated the program. Today the paid placement program is a key revenue-generator for the publisher.

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