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Publisher Focus Consulting Group


Are you an affiliate marketing publisher (or do you want to be)? Is your program as efficient and effective as possible? Do you have that nagging fear that your competition is beating you at your own game? The truth is that every business needs constant fine-tuning. In these tough economic times the competition to attract online spending dollars is brutal. Publishers need to make sure that they are constantly focused on the four ingredients that are key to affiliate marketing:

  • Driving people to their site
  • Encouraging those visitors to take the actions that earn money for the publisher
  • Earning as much money as possible from those actions
  • Enticing the visitor (and their friends) to come back to the publisher’s site to do more of the same

Publisher Focus Consulting Group will help you optimize each of those four steps. Because we have assembled a team of experts in all aspects of online marketing, we are able to provide a vast assortment of services to affiliate marketing publishers. If there is a program that you want to launch, but are lacking the resources or expertise, Publisher Focus Consulting Group can do it for you in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


Few publishers ever take the time to step back and assess the opportunities that they are missing out on. Publisher Focus Consulting Group offers a 100 point Publishers Audit that takes a detailed look at your business and will pinpoint areas of opportunities. The Publishers Audit will analyze whether your site is taking full advantages of:

  • The best ways to drive more traffic both internally and externally
  • The four different factors that encourage your visitors to take action
  • The numerous revenue-generators that are often overlooked by publishers
  • The key tactics that will keep your audience engaged and keep them coming back.

Equally importantly, Publisher Focus Consulting Group will provide you with concrete steps that you can take to improve performance. We will assist you in implementing these steps on your own, or we will work with you to make sure that these suggestions are realized. We have the team and the expertise to turn your “wish list” into a reality.

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